Luke Shepard Kickstarted NIGHTVISION to bring European buildings alive at night. Even if you’ve seen Le Flaneur prepare to be amazed, then visit his website to see all the locations (they’re even mapped!). It definitely highlights the blending of old and new in Europe, and there’s a way that viewing the buildings after dark allows them to see them in a new light (however, they couldn’t be shot too late for fear that the lighting would turn off).

Of course none of this would have been possible without the help of AD Henry Farrow Miller who helped move the camera inch by inch across Europe! The impressive duo traveled to 36 cities in 21 countries, shot more than 20,000 images, captured 47 successful image sequences (27 make the final cut), for a result that is 3 minutes and 38 seconds long.



  • I love this! Sharing it with my family now!

    And I totally agree, seeing landmarks and building lit up at night is really the best way! Thank you for sharing!

  • this is seriously AMAZING. so well done and I love the Berlin shots, especially because two of the locations are within walking distance of my apartment :) super talented! Looking forward to his next project!