Paris, Closed in August

pretavoyager-closedinaugustTwo years ago I started collecting pictures of my favorite “closed in August” signs (see here + here – some creative typography!). My French friends continue to be miffed when I tell them I’m not going away for 2+ weeks. Part of the reason to go away is because so much is closed in the city. Still, I love it. You just need a little creativity and resourcefulness sometimes. Below is a compilation of opened/closed links for Paris this month so they’re all in one place. I’ll keep updating it as I discover new links. Be sure to add any in the comments!

I guess half of my advice for tours I give this month will be “go wherever is open!” And yes, please send along my link if you know anyone traveling to Paris – I’d love to show them around. You can book through Vayable directly.

P.S. If you don’t speak French, use Chrome [top tool bar] or Google translate.

Photo: @pretavoyager on Instagram



  • August 6, 2013 at 10:39 pm // Reply

    You could look into Google Fusion Tables to merge your August closures data with Paris maps. It might be an interesting project.

    • Intriguing. Fusion tables are new to me. Really wish there were some better calendar apps for sharing info on the web. Your idea sounds like a good place to start looking.

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