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French Lessons: Tenir la chandelle

There are certain phrases that are just better in a foreign language. Tenir la chandelle is one of them. Think about it, what does “being the third wheel” actually mean? Tricycles exist. But the French version of the same phrase – tenir la chandelle – makes me chuckle because if you’re the odd wo/man out when hanging out with a couple, then you are “the one who holds the candle.” How romantic! French Lessons is an ongoing series where I teach you French words and cultural lessons while beefing up... Read The Rest →

French Lessons: Oh, la vache!

So drawing une vache is admittedly far more complicated than un trombone, but in my continued effort to teach you words while I practice my Illustrator skills, I went for it (and I’m not trying to deny using an image to help trace my cow – it still wasn’t easy). Maybe one day I’ll be skilled enough to give him an eye, but for now, he – or rather she (the word ‘cow’ is feminine en français) – is what she is, Oh, la vache! This has quickly become one... Read The Rest →

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