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Je m’en fous: French Customer Service

A couple months ago my friend Yann-yves O’Hayon-Crosby had shared a tale of French customer service on Facebook that made me chuckle. I said to myself, this needs to be a post. Besides being a talented filmmaker/photographer/videographer Yann-yves also happens to be Franco-American, so it only seemed appropriate that he could provide a more balanced and insider perspective on the topic. Special thanks too to Ana Clara Soares for the accompanying graphic – a “bonus” French lesson! Je m’en fous = I don’t care! But without further ado, French customer... Read The Rest →


Anne Stark Ditmeyer is a communications designer + editor with a focus the intersection of design and travel, who believes that travel is not about where you go, but how you see the world. Her goal is to help connect creatives across continents. With a background in anthropology, art history, graphic design and global communications, her work is that of a graphic designer, researcher, educator, editor, writer, coach, consultant, and explorer.  With a multi-disciplinary and cross-cultural approach in mind, Anne founded Prêt à Voyager (translation: “ready to travel”) on Bastille... Read The Rest →

French Lessons: un éclair

This weekend while I was helping a photographer friend shoot a wedding at beautiful chateau in Tours, 2.5 hours outside of Paris, I learned a very important French word while watching the storm roll in during our dinner break: un éclair. While I have long been familiar with the wonderful oblong pastry filled with cream filling and covered with icing – typically chocolate or coffee flavored – the fact that the same word is used for “lightning” amused me greatly. So as we finished our dessert, we also enjoyed regarder... Read The Rest →

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