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FRENCH LESSONS: une planche

There are not many words in any language that can apply to the swimming pool + food at the same time, but in French, anything is possible! The day that I discovered that a kickboard and a meat/cheese plate served on a board both go by une planche, I had to smile. I suppose it’s one of those cases where the two wouldn’t get confused too easily. I just know I for one would be highly amused to see some saucisson [sausage] + fromage [cheese] served on a kickboard! For... Read The Rest →


Anne Stark Ditmeyer is a communications designer + editor with a focus the intersection of design and travel, who believes that travel is not about where you go, but how you see the world. Her goal is to help connect creatives across continents. With a background in anthropology, art history, graphic design and global communications, her work is that of a graphic designer, researcher, educator, editor, writer, coach, consultant, and explorer.  With a multi-disciplinary and cross-cultural approach in mind, Anne founded Prêt à Voyager (translation: “ready to travel”) on Bastille... Read The Rest →

French Lessons: Le Pediluve

This week I decided that if you ever want to know what it feels like to be an Olympian you need go no further than the French swimming pool. Each time I go my mind is a bit blown by the sheer lack of speed and innovation in swimming strokes that witness visit after vist. It was so awesome to watch the French swimmers medal at the Olympics, because on the rarest of occasions (ok, twice) have I found anyone who can challenge me in the pool. In any case,... Read The Rest →

French Lessons: le bronzage cycliste

Down in Nice, where there was actually sun (le soleil) and not enough sunscreen (la crème solaire), I learned an important term for summer: le bronzage cycliste. Given the Tour de France is on now, there is something charming that the French have dubbed these unfortunate tan lines after cyclists, rather than the English equivalent of a “farmer’s tan.” I’m surprised I don’t see more bronzage cycliste (as in Il a le bronzage cycliste) at the Paris swimming pools – where speedos are required for men – but then again,... Read The Rest →

French Lessons: Avoir un oeil au beurre noir

From paperclips to cows, I’m not sure today’s French Lesson was the best phrase to illustrate, but it was an excellent exercise in figuring out how to simplify the forms as much as possible to make it clear to the viewer. Do you see it? An eye + a stick of black butter. Avoir un oeil au beurre noir, has become a phrase near and dear to me because a) I find it so odd (literal translation: to have an eye of black butter) and b) I actually can claim... Read The Rest →

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