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Bloggers Guide to France

July 14th (Bastille Day) not only marks the 7th year of this blog, but it also is a signal to the French mentality to start going on holiday for the next month or so. Awhile back I put together a post called Bloggers Guide to Paris. It was a big hit, so I thought it was high time to expand to France, as many of these places make great day trips too. This post is just a start, but is a good reminder of all the diversity in this country,... Read The Rest →

Boarding Pass: Annamatic

I’m more than thrilled to introduce you to my brand new weekly column, BOARDING PASS, an insider look at designers and how they travel. I was honored when Annamatic (aka Anna Lee) enthusiastically agreed to be my first featured designer. I’m a huge fan of her blog have long admired her flickr albums and mini travel guides. I used her (very helpful!) mini guide in Bangkok last May, and now it’s been fun seeing places I’ve visited, but through her eyes. Without further ado, here’s Anna: [self-portraits in angkor wat... Read The Rest →

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