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Paris Travel Tip #5

The metro (and bus) is a fantastic way to get around Paris, and you can save both time and money by buying a carnet or book of 10 tickets, which can be used on the bus, metro, and RER (within zone 1-2, which is mainly where you’ll be with the exception of airports and Versailles). There are weekly and monthly passes, which are great if you’re here for a long time and expect heavy ridership, but there’s a small fee up front (~5 Euros) and you’ll need to have a... Read The Rest →

Paris Travel Tip #4

Tip #4 : Use your phone or camera to photograph the mundane – ie. bus route, store hours/names – to act as a cheat sheet and reference later. Whenever you’re in a new place, it takes a little while to get your bearings. Yet, even as someone who has lived in Paris for a few years, things like bus routes still don’t come naturally to me. The bus is a great way to see Paris, as you’re always above ground and can see where you’re going and better understand how... Read The Rest →

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