Normandy, France: Chateau de Canisy

Every Monday I wake up to an onslaught of tweets from American friends catching up on season 3 of Downton Abbey (which already aired in the UK/Europe). It’s definitely a show that hooked me from episode one. True story: I watched the entirety of season one in one day. I then walked outside expecting to see green moors and speaking to myself in my head with a British accent. Later that week I swore I saw Bates at the swimming pool and Anna walking a dog. Needless to say the show, and it’s ability to convey “everyday life” through world events, has captured my attention.

So it was pretty fantastic when Jennifer – aka Chez Loulou – invited me up Normandy, a couple hours northwest of Paris by train. While I always knew her for her extensive love and knowledge of cheese, she also has one of the sweetest seasonal gigs around. By the time I visited Chateau de Canisy – Jennifer’s “home away from home” where she helps with client relations in peak season – in late November, the place was pretty calm, preparing for next season and working on repairs while there are no guests. As soon as I entered I couldn’t help but whisper to Jennifer, “you work in a modern day Downton Abbey” as my eyes popped out from the beauty around me. The chateau is in fact still a family home, owned by a count, and it is clear everyone who works there carries pride in what they do. There are even full-time roofers on staff, for the medieval castle that dates back to 1066. With 14-17 bedrooms (depending on how you count them) open to the public, each is completely unique with a look of its own. (Perk of it being empty was I got to see them all!). I can only imagine the family romping around who has rented it in its entirety for a month this summer. I’m not sure my budget could ever afford that, but a splurge for a night or two would be just divine. A French version of Downton Abbey, if you will. In the meantime, find myself dreaming up a Clue-esque blogger murder mystery party – how fun would that be!?! So without further ado, I present to you, the stunning Chateau de Canisy.

Jennifer and me!

The Library.

Music room.


Game room.


More rooms after the jump!

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