French Lessons: Quand les Poules Auront des Dents

It’s not everyday I get the chance to draw a chicken with teeth. Then again, living in France is not your typical everyday experience. There are many days when I feel like I have seen chickens [les poules] with teeth [les dents] after I’ve finally completed a bureaucratic challenge. Miracles do happen. In English we either say “when hell freezes over” or “when pigs fly.” Still, there is a certain je ne sais quoi when it comes to chickens, non?

P.S. Speaking of chickens, I bought eggs at this market stand this morning. Have you tried Vine yet? I’m listed as Anne Ditmeyer. It’s fun with sound too – captured some happy happenstance!

P.S.S. Yep, you can still sign up for my map making class!


French Lessons is an ongoing series where I teach you French words and cultural lessons while beefing up my Illustrator skills.