BOARDING PASS – Sibylle Roessler of Funkytime

Last May in Berlin I met a wonderful bunch of talented folks at The Hive Conference. One of the most colorful was graphic designer and stylist, Sibylle Roessler of Funkytime. Despite being from Berlin, she actually was coming from Madrid (her latest home) having just moved from Canada. Just the way she lives there’s travel built in! (And she keeps moving because they are still looking for the perfect place).  Funkytime is filled with clever ideas, DIYS + downloads. I hope you enjoy a voyage through Sibylle’s travels and then go check out the influences in her work. Thanks, Sibylle! –Anne

Teneriffe, Spain

home town:
Berlin, though I haven’t lived there in a very long time. If I had to live in Germany again, this would definitely be the only city I would go to!


where you live now:
I am living ‘la vida loca’ in Madrid! Before that we lived in Canada, and before that in L.A. and before that……

When we moved here I had that dream of a typical Spanish apartment, with big windows, high ceilings, moldings and a little balcony in front of the windows. I got exactly that right in the center.


last trip taken:
Teneriffe. They have black beaches there, and the sand is sparkling! We visited a hidden cove that was only accessible by going through banana plantations, they had a little blue cafe build into the rock, awesome!


next trip on deck:
Berlin for sure. And before that Valencia and Barcelona for a weekend.

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