Emma Lundin is a Swedish travel journalist + editor living in London. After a few years as editor of, she went freelance in 2010, writing for publications including Condé Nast Traveller, The Guardian and more. Her latest endeavor is working on a PhD in the international women’s movement role within the anti-apartheid struggle, while The Longer Way is her blog where she stores and shares her thoughts on travel. The design of the site is clean and inviting and will have you clicking around in no time. I’m a big fan of the postcards series, which gives a quick glimpse and story from a place. Enjoy a look inside Emma’s travels! –Anne

Standing on the corner of Hudson and North Moore Street, NYC

home town: Malmö, Sweden

One of my favourite places in my borough (which is called The Borough, aptly enough) – the corner where Park Street meets Southwark Street

where you live now: London, England

I spent a few weeks in this flat on Blecktornsstigen during the summer of 2011

last trip taken:
I spent the entire month of December – the darkest of the year – in Sweden, which felt weirdly exotic. I have lived in London for the past 10 ½ years so found it perplexing to see the sun set at 2.30 in the afternoon, and felt properly jetlagged the first week. I spent the first three weeks in Stockholm (staying in this fantastic flat), where people were a lot nicer than what I remember from my previous summertime visits. I have decided to put the difference down to December’s lack of light: my theory is that the sun is so bright and nights are so short during the summer that people just don’t sleep, creating a strange mix of summer ecstasy and exhaustion in the city. But don’t let that put you off going: it’s very pretty year round, with great museums, beautiful architecture and an inspirational lifestyle. And, anyway, I’ve been spoiled by over-the-top politeness in London, so my judgement is probably not the best anymore!

The view from Stockholm’s Söder Mälarstrand across the water towards the City Hall on a freezing evening in December 2012

next trip on deck:
Cape Town – I leave this Saturday, for a three-week stint. I have never been to South Africa before, so I will try to see as much of the city and country as I can, despite officially being there to research my PhD.

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