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Early in 2013 my matra became “be memorable.” It was inspired by a plethora of lack luster e-holiday greetings where nine times out of ten I couldn’t help but think to myself that their typical emails were more memorable and engaging. In an era where we’re inundated with information, even great work can be lost. But this 2013 Holiday Greeting from Havas Worldwide Paris is an example of doing it right. I wasn’t even on their holiday email list, but what they created was not only memorable, it was engaging and fun, and it made it’s way to me because of that (thanks, Lauren Lou for knowing I’d love this). Also, for the record, I’m not trying to suggest you have to have a giant budget to be memorable, just do something a little different.

The other awesome thing this video does is magically capture the personality of Paris neighborhoods through typography and simple, yet highly effective illustrations and animations – all in black and white. They’re spot on with their choices. I love too, if you listen closely, you’ll hear how the sound plays off the word and image to strengthen the concept. A must see, and it only becomes stronger as you notice new details each time you watch.

Bravo to the team at Havas Worldwide Paris for a memorable holiday card for any time of the year! The video was produced by Flying V (QUAD) – you can view more of their work here.

// Originally discovered on Golem13. //

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Olive Us: Betty in Paris

Surprise, surprise, I woke up to another grey day in Paris. But there’s something about the grey that is just so Paris. So many photos and postcards you see of Paris are sunny and perfect, but a certain charm is missing from the reality of days. When I watched the latest “Olive Us” episode with “Betty in Paris” I was hooked from the very first Amelie-esque scene. Then I realized that the charm really was in the way that colorful Betty in red and blue stands out against the “blah” Paris. The Blair family – all 8 of them – is an American family living in Normandy for over a year now and their adventures are chronicled on Gabby’s blog, Design Mom. “Olive Us” is a video series in conjunction with the fabulously talented Tiger in a Jar that captures so many simply delightful moments about their life in France (and sometimes their travels). They’re all great but this episode is seriously beyond adorable!

Produced by Ben + Gabrielle Blair
A Tiger in a Jar Production
Title Illustration by Merrilee Liddiard

Watch all Olive Us episodes here!


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The Architecture of Travel

As soon as I came across this awesome video on The ABCs of Architecture I was mesmerized by how buildings and architecture can help define place. As the building styles continue alphabetically, I love how the country flag appears, as well as location to help root it in context. Just as impressive is the way that each building type is simplistically illustrated in the same style, yet easily communicates the original form. The video is by Fedelpeye for OMBU Architecture, based in Barcelona, Spain.

Concept and Animation: Andrea Stinga, Federico Gonzalez
Art Direction: Federico Gonzalez
Music: The Butterfly from Eugene C.Rose and George Ruble

Click here for full credit list (including a full list of buildings and architects featured).

P.S. If the video above doesn’t work for you, click here to watch it. It’s worth it!

// Thanks, Gavin! //

Best Commercial Ever.

I try not to get commercial on here very often, but every now and then there’s something that catches your eye and you have to share. A couple weeks ago Samsung launched their Galaxy Note 2 in France and made a special video for the launch. I have to admit, it features so many of my favorite spots (or at least recognizable – to me). But the real icing on the cake is the fun way they integrated the illustrations of Dutch artist Tineke Meirink, which bring the city alive in a whole different sense. It’s just plain fun. You can read more about the pub (that’s French for advertising) here.

This is not a sponsored post. And even as an iPhone lover, I ADORE this! Three cheers for creativity.

Merci, Elodie for sharing!

Cooking with David Lebovitz {Paris}

The lines between the blog and real world blur more often than one would expect. After meeting chef/blogger/author David Lebovitz at the ParisByMouth launch earlier this summer, I was lucky enough to get to put together a special project with him for design*sponge. I’ve never done a video or any project like this before, but it was an amazing challenge and I love how it turned out! It also became a very personal project for me, as we visited my favorite market – the Bastille market along Blvd Richard Lenoir, filmed the opening shots on the street I lived on 6 years ago, and shot the interview in the beautiful garden of Studio Vermes where I took photography classes as a student studying abroad in Paris and fell in love with this city, chatted about Paris and talked travel. (You can find the full post here).

A huge thank you to Grace Bonney (design*sponge herself) for making this all come together, David Lebovitz for being a great person to team up with, Christian Wilmes for being an amazing videographer and making me look good (with special assistance from Sophie Bocqueho), and Kali Vermes for opening the doors of  Studio Vermes!

P.S.Check out David’s take in his post about our adventures HERE. And you can find much more from our interview (including how David travels) HERE.

{stills 1-4 above courtesy of Christian Wilmes; behind the scenes via Kali; bottom [kitchen] image by David Lebovitz}

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