Good Morning, Baltimore!

With the soon to be released re-make of John Water’s “classic” Baltimore tale “Hairspray,” I thought it only appropriate to upload a couple quintessentially Baltimore posts. [This blog has way more than Baltimore coming your way, but I’ve gotta start somewhere, ya know?].

{sweet poster via CCRG Blog; illustration by Kali Ciesemier, design by Nolen Strals}

Sunday marked my first ever roller derby bout with two matches by Baltimore’s own Charm City Roller Girls. I think the best way I heard it described was “Hipster Nascar.” Two teams of girls (marked with fabulous personas like “Flo Shizzle” or “Rosie-the-Rioter,” that carry into their team apparel and style) get bad-ass, skating around a flat-track roller rink and a team of “blockers” tries to keep the “jammers” from passing them and scoring points. It’s truly something you have to see to believe, and I highly recommend sitting rink-side, but stay awake or else you’ll get a skate in the face – no joke! The ambiance of Skateland (home to the CCRGs) only adds to the whole experience with it’s fabulously dated,cheesy iridescent panels and flashing lights and an old sign that lights up for “ladies only” skates. And a little bit of everyone was in the crowd.Check here for the CCRG Photo Gallery (look for the scrapebook!) and their flickr pool for some hot bouting action. Next bout is August 26th at Putty Hill Skateland. Or if you’re not local, be sure to catch the Today Show [NBC] on Monday July 23rd!

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