Road Trip!

{Little Miss Sunshine = super charming family road trip movie}

Little by little I’m starting to better understand how I got this eclectic side to me. As a kid I had the “privilege” of driving cross-country twice [Kansas-Idaho and Idaho-Virginia] with my parents, brother, dog and all our belongings in tow. At the time I was not so thrilled that my dad made sure we hit all the “hot spots” along the way. Among others, this included Wall Drug (the largest drug-store in the world that advertises free ice water and a 6-ft jack rabbit along the road leading to it…they also have amazing mini donuts!) and the Corn Palace (the facade of a “palace” decorated in a themed mural – that changes yearly – made out of corn and corn products) [both in South Dakota]. And now I can say I’ve been there. . .

{Corn Palace via official website}

SO, when I was flipping through my new issue of Blueprint {Design Your Life} magazine and came across their great list of “100 Reasons to Hit the Road” and saw that the Corn Palace made the cut, I couldn’t help but cheer by the fact that I had been to this random little spot in South Dakota. Thanks, Dad!

{Blueprint Issue #5- July/August 2007 spread}

Every month Blueprint has an awesomely designed spread chocked-full of great information . . . this month happens to be on Road Trips. And every month they have a great “Style Destination” feature in their “Out & About” travel section. Portland, Maine is this month’s destination.
Here are a few of my favorite links they included (besides the Corn Palace, of course):

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