Seeing is Believing

{check the link to see the full 360 panorama by Andras L. Frenyo}

When it comes to photography, I thought I had seen it all (at least in terms of styles), but these 360 VR [Virtual Reality] panorama photos by Andras Frenyo are truly unique. This you really have to see to believe! (Just don’t give yourself motion sickness). Frenyo, who is originally from Hungary, is now a Baltimorean, where he has endless out of the ordinary subject matter to capture, to say the least. Check out more of his work from Baltimore and beyond on his PanoramaBlog. [The image above is from the Food Court at Artscape last weekend…and, don’t worry, you’ll spot a couple gnomes in this one.]

[To all of you who tried to check my blog in the last 48 hours and couldn’t get on, thank you for your patience. The problems have been resolved…for now, at least].

P.S. Check out today’s New York Times for their version of “36 hours in Amsterdam.”

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