City Strolling

{Copenhagen map by Jens Magnusson}

I must admit, a company that manufactures strollers is the last place I’d think I’d discover new illustrators/designers and find awesome day trips, but seeing as Bugaboo is a Dutch company, I should have known better. Also, a post from Danielle at Style Files always means something good!

I guess I’m just a kid at heart because I am completely in love with these family friendly
Bugaboo Daytrips [maps + mini guides] for a handful of cities around the world (Boston, LA, Miami, Vancover, Sydney, Dublin, Barcelona, Prague and more!). Each map is interactive and a downloadable pdf, and is by a different illustrator, making each guide unique and fun. I love that the site even features an “about the artist” section. Check ’em all out here!

{I’m seeing gnomes in this map of San Francisco by Meomi}

{Paris “carte” by Ross Holden}


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