Connecting MORE Dots

{Atlanta via D*S}

A couple weeks ago I posted about some design guides posted by fellow bloggers. That same day, Grace from Design*Sponge posted a new Atlanta Design Guide written by Betsy Riley of Atlanta Magazine with lots of great finds for anyone headed down south.

{San Francisco via D*S}

Later that week she posted a San Francisco Design Guide with the help of Amber Clisura and Victoria Smith. Also, several months ago, Victoria (SFgirlbybay: see my post from last Thursday about Japantown), did a great job as a “guest blogger” on D*S, and posted more SF sources here (I particularly like the visuals that go with each pick). All wonderful resources!


{Oh Joy’s Chicago}

Joy is back from Chicago and posted a recap of her favorites (with links) on her blog. Food favs linked here.


{Vancouver by Endless Banquet}

And for anyone headed to Vancouver, look at Endless Banquet’s 8 day diary (begins with June 21st post).
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