Meet Byron

{Byron hanging out at the Trapeze School in the Inner Harbor}

Meet Byron. He’s my sock monkey, and yes, he’s hot pink and has a mohawk and an eye-patch. Not only is Felice (of D*S scholarship finalist fame) a talented print-maker and book maker, but clearly she has mad sock monkey skills. “Byron” was the first – of what I’m sure will be many – sock monkeys, which is a workshop she teaches from time to time at the American Visionary Art Museum (aka, one of my favorite places on earth). She has a lot of great workshops cooked up for the fall (far beyond things made out of socks), that coincide with the new exhibit “All Faiths Beautiful,” so be sure to stay tuned to AVAM’s events page to see what’s in store. Thanks again for my awesome sock monkey, Felice (and special shout-out to the real Byron we met at Tapas Teatro).

{Byron has yet to leave Baltimore, but I can tell already he likes to travel}

{Byron with a “Visionary Beast” as a pre-Flicks on the Hill event}

P.S. Maybe sock monkeys run in Felice’s blood. Her cousin, “Moedog Darling,” is a singer-songwriter and has this super cute stop-motion music video on You Tube featuring her very own sock monkey. Too funny.


  • Thank you for being the best PR person ever and also my most favorite cheerleader!
    Keep your eyes open for “Sock Monkey Saturday” at AVAM—you can make your very own Byron!

  • Totally cool! I was just at the trapeze school last Friday to watch my ex-gf do her thing. It was fun to watch. As for the AVAM, I keep a close watch on it to see what’s going on — the pet parade, the thurs night movies, the art car show, the kinetic art race, etc. Always something interesting!

    Cute monkey!

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