Putting it on the Map

{The 17 lines of the Paris Metro can get you everywhere}

As I’m starting to plan for my next major trip this fall, my obsession with travel makes me believe that there must be some “travel bug” gene embedded in my DNA passed on from my well-traveled parents. But, as I think back to Mr. Hixon’s 8th grade “World Geography” class in Boise, Idaho, I’m convinced there must be environmental influences as well. On lucky Friday afternoons we would toss around an inflatable beach ball [globe] of the world, and had the opportunity for extra credit if we could find an extremely obscure country of his choosing within a minute. I’ve loved maps ever since.

This Gothamist article on Michael Hertz’s maps is an interesting look at the NYC subway system maps and his design process (his maps have remained relatively unchanged for the past 30 years!). It’s all about finding the best way to show as much information as possible, in the most succinct fashion, while still conveying the message- that’s no easy task. {via Media Bistro’s UnBeige blog}

One of my most recent discoveries is the website Gridskipper: uban travel guide. It’s a collection of somewhat off-beat “best of” guides for various cities, that incorporate interactive google maps marking all the locations. Check out “Ping Pong in Berlin, “The Best Chocolates in Paris” or “LA’s Best Ramen Noodles” (among countless others).

Hint: my next trip involves Berlin! Stay tuned for my call for reader suggestions.

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