To Market We Go

{click here to see my Baltimore “Ode to the Market” pictures}

If there’s one thing I’m crazy for it’s a good market. You can learn so much about a place and the people by visiting one (it’s always a must-do, to-do on my travels). My favorite market in Baltimore happens every Sunday from May-Dec downtown under the Jones Fall Expressway. For locals, it’s no shock that you’ll run into half the world there (this is “Smalltimore” after all), so it’s a nice place to stop and say hello. It’s not quite “Cheers, where everyone knows your name,” but at the same time, say the words “hot lettuce guy” and every girl in Baltimore will know exactly who you’re talking about (don’t worry, he can also be found at the year-round Saturday Waverly Market too).

Click here for more market pics.


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