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Word of mouth is definitely the best way of getting information. I always love recommendations from friends (and that was part of the incentive of starting up this blog). So, when Irene of Bloesem posted about a new Toronto based blog by her friend Katrin, I knew it would be quality.

{Mukodu blog}

Katrin’s blog, Mukodu, is an insider look at Toronto’s artsy side. I love it already – she posted about farmer’s markets and she also has a soft-side for graffiti (like me).

{graffiti from MukoduStyle in Progress is a non-profit promoting urban arts}

Before I change gears for tomorrow’s post, just wanted to tie up a few loose ends with these great online travel/insider resources. A few more Scandinavia leads to follow up on a past post: Surface designer Lotta Jansdotter has a book called “Lotta Lansdotter Travel Style” with beautiful images and her Scandinavian favorites. Also, yesterday and today, the Blueprint Bluelines blog has a nice recap of Senior Home Editor, Rebecca’s trip to Sweden.

And a belated thank you to Style Files and SFgirlbybay for adding me to their blogrolls!

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