An Extraodinary Correspondence

{Nick Bantock collage for his new novel Windflower via My Marrakesh}

Yesterday Maryam at My Marrakesh had a lovely post about Nick Bantock’s new collages inspired by Morocco and North Africa. They have a much more sophisticated feel than his older works for Griffin & Sabine, but I love his style either way.

I too am a huge fan of the trilogy Griffin & Sabine: an Extraordinary Correspondence (available through Chronicle Books). The tactile nature of the books, full of beautiful collages satisfy my love of art, correspondence (snail mail!) and travel. Seriously, there’s not much better than getting a great letter or postcard in the mail. And how cool would it be to attend one of Bantock’s workshops near his home in Vancouver (or even Spain!)?

Stay tuned tomorrow for more great book links just in time for the Baltimore Book Festival this weekend.

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