Art of Transportation

{Typography of Transportation by ASD…see the set on flickr}

For my entire life now, I’ve seen my father’s passion for transportation (especially trains) unfold. At first I had to rebel, but it wasn’t until I lived in Europe (and experienced Baltimore’s bus system) that I really realized the power of [good] transportation. And it wasn’t until Labor Day weekend at the Museum of Transportation in St. Louis that I was able to truly embrace my new found passion for transportation when I took a closer look and saw how cool all the typography and logos were on these old train cars. I thought to myself, if only all industries could be designed this well…So I set off with my camera and felt like I was running a marathon trying to capture the typography of transportation (see it here).

For more on public transportation in Baltimore, check out the September issue of Urbanite.

In other news, I received my Flex Car “key” in the mail yesterday. How exciting to have a sweet ride whenever I need it. And I must say they were very clever with their marketing/packaging of the program. Kudos to them.

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  • I had never actually looked at the flexcar thing, but I followed the link and it is really really awesome. strong work, ditty. strong work.

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