City Notebooks

{image via johnystadlerka}

I like to think that if there’s a product out there that embodies me, it’s the Moleskine City Notebook. It’s a build your own travel guide with all the pieces you need – maps, subways, tabs, tracing paper, stickers, folders, and more, where each notebook is specific to a major city. The notebooks themselves are classics – used by the likes of Hemingway and Picasso. More on MoleskineCity blog.

These notebooks are still relatively new to the market so there may be some kinks (I felt like the maps could use a bit more development…some were too zoomed out and some too close in to really give you the full picture of the layout of the city), but I had great fun with my Amsterdam City Notebook last spring as my travel guide and journal melded into one (that was very design-centric). It’d be fun to take back on my next visit or share with a friend, to create a collective journey. I love these notebooks so much I sent it in to “Things We Love” at Kate Spade, and clearly they loved them too, because they added it to their collection of great finds.

Moleskine Mania: Julia Rothman’s had a great post on Moleskine Artist Notebooks on Book-By-It’s-Cover and the Moleskine Flickr pool. Check out Detour – a video tour through notebooks created for a 2006 exhibition (more can be found on YouTube like Paula Scher’s handlettering via PoppyTalk).


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