Green Chic

I was so excited this week when I met Rachael and Jess from Tilt Studio. I must have been living in a cave last year, but they told me about this wonderful project – The Urban Forest Project – that took place in NYC last spring. Nearly 200 acclaimed designers were invited to design banners with the theme of a “tree” that were hung up around the city to help communicate the importance of sustainability.

{view more banners here}

Once the banners were removed they took on a second life as exclusively designed totebags by Jack Spade. The profits from the sales went to scholarship funds to help sustain the next generation of designers. I love how this project combines sustainability with design, while promoting both. And the coolest part is that Tilt Studio is helping bring the project to Baltimore this spring! Stay tuned to see how you can become involved.

For more eco-friendly inspiration check out Thryn’s Zzilch blog. Thryn also just planed a green wedding, and you can find her beautiful and informative WedLog here.

For anyone in Philly this weekend, be sure to check out the Brown & Green Project at Liberties Walk (a super cool up and coming artist area) this Sunday.


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