Nuit Blanche

It has been established that over a year ago now my car died. I shopped and shopped until I came to the realization that I don’t really need a car (I loved my life in Paris without one), and I realized that my “new car payments” could be much better spent on something else- TRAVEL.

So on a whim I got the idea of a trip to Paris in my head. I did a quick search on ParisVoice and saw that Nuit Blanche was about to happen. And, voila, two weeks later I found myself living it up in Paris!

Nuit Blanche, or white night, essentially translates to a night without sleep- an all night party if you will. And who better to throw one than Paris! Several areas of the city host the event which takes on a life of its own from midnight swims at municipal pools to art installations around the city and amazing light projections and shows- just another way Paris embraces the arts. On top of it all, bars stay open until the sun shines and special metro lines run all night.

And now it appears that “White Nights” are taking the world by storm. In fact the New York Times did a nice piece last week about these festivals and how “Insomnia is Spreading.” Toronto, Brussels and Rome also have their own versions of “Nuit Blanche.”

P.S. City Paper’s “Best of Baltimore” issue came out today. See who/what made the cut, and who didn’t.


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