{City Paper’s Baltimore “Wire Tour“. Map by Tom Chalkly.}
Well, it’s finally come to an end, and along with it my dreams of being an extra – never mind that I’d have to be a junkie, prostitute or dead body to be cast – on The WIRE have died along with it. Over the weekend the critically acclaimed HBO series wrapped up filming its fifth, and final, season in Baltimore (read more in the Washington Post). It took some time and a lot of prodding to get me into it, but now I’m hooked. It’s become the talk of our office and almost a right of passage to be “in the know” as we talk about characters like we know them intimately. Admittedly it doesn’t paint the most beautiful picture of Baltimore, but David Simon’s (a former Baltimore Sun homicide reporter) brilliant writing doesn’t ignore the realities of [street] life either. There’s no denying that Baltimore has one of the highest homicide rates in the country (that’s what my blog is for- to show there’s more to Bmore than crime and drugs), so perhaps this “The [Wire] Tour” from last year’s City Paper will be more fun to read than to visit. And there are plenty of other site around Baltimore that do make the cut – check out my office building as Police HQ in Season One and Two.

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