Wine = Festive

{wine tasting table setting by ASD}

Last year Blueprint magazine had a great article on throwing your own wine tasting party- it’s really much easier than it looks. The article had lots of great suggestions (like using craft paper and making wine stain place markers… or you can download the score cards from the link) and provided wonderful inspiration for my very own wine tasting, with a twist. Being the travel nut that I am, and the fact that this guest list of attendees was a well-traveled bunch, instead of having people bring particular types of wine, everyone was assigned to bring a bottle from a country or region of their expertise. And besides the hodgepodge of thrift store glassware, most of the other dishes I used had been picked up on various travels. So, yes, it is possible to travel vicariously through a wine tasting…OR, you could go to the Maryland Wine Festival this weekend (15-16 Sept) in Carroll County.


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