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Maps are everywhere these days, and I absolutely love it! Check out this amazing map of Europe made out of a pile of clothes (Italy = “boot”) by Corriette Schoenaerts that Danielle posted on Style Files yesterday.

AceJet 170 always has an amazing collection of found items- signs, type, stamps, books and maps that make you want to travel to a time and place that was well designed.

And last week Victoria had a great post about maps as a trend in interior design on SFGirlbybay.

A little further research and I came across this wonderful
Festival of Maps happening in Chicago in November. It’s a citywide celebration of exploration, discovery and mapping that involves the collaboration of more than 30 cultural and scientific institutions. If you can’t make it to Chicago for the actual event, be sure to checkout their interactive website and blog.

P.S. Great new Design*Sponge design guide for Boston is out! Stay tuned for Chicago coming soon. [These guides provide great shopping and design savvy stops.]


  • I have a ton of maps that I collected while traveling all over this country — tons of family and non-family road trips, and driving cross country four times, not to mention up and down the East and west coasts. Even though I have a good map of VA, I still hate that state — the only one I feel that way about.

  • Anne, we *are* kindred spirits! I am a map lover and collector also. While I appreciate them as works of art, as you do, I use a lot of maps when I’m researching a book, and I tend to make notes on them and highlight our routes – a habit since childhood, but now it’s essential as research for our travel guides. But I also think they make wonderful souvenirs of my trips. Thanks for these fabulous tips – a map festival! Heaven!!

  • Anne, you’ve gone and inspired me to post on the inspirational power of maps now! I love what you wrote: “…maps that make you want to travel to a time and place that was well designed.” Maps are inspirational aren’t they? They’re so much more than just a travel too. And yet, you’re right, their very design evokes images of the place in our imaginations… wonderful food for thought!

  • just catching up on your blog, and this post made me think of last week’s (19 oct 2007) installment of npr’s “This American Life” radio program (if you’re not already an avid listener, I highly recommend becoming one!), titled “mapping” (#110). here’s the link to their website:
    (check out the radio archives to find it, and subscribe to their podcast – you won’t be disappointed!)

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