You Look Like a Hundred Dollars

{1960s styled “Mad Men” via Speak Up via AMC}

Times have definitely changed since the days when “You Look Like a Hundred Dollars” was the highest compliment. Try a million, now. But there’s something about the 60s that I find incredibly enchanting. True, I wish I grew up then so I could hang out at the soda shop after school or drive a really cool car (if cars today looked like they did back then, I’d definitely be more inclined to own one), but I also am completely drawn to the fashions. Between [NY] Fashion Week and AMC’s new show Mad Men surrounding advertising executives in the 1960s, you can’t help but escape the urge to be transported back in time. Two years ago I heard Leatrice Eiseman speak at an AIGA event. She has a pretty amazing job – to forecast color trend two years in advance (yes, this is a real job…see the 2008 Pantone color forecast here). She noted major place for inspiration is movies, so clearly this show is making its mark.

Check out Mad Men for yourself on AMC at 10 pm tonight [Thursday]. Insider info: The show is even more impressive when you know that each episode is filmed in a week, and the production team and writers are only working 7 days ahead of filming. Also, be sure to look for the “Dr. Jennings” nameplate- my friend Adam works as a scenic artist for the show and added this little detail for his wife Sarah (and my good friend). . . how sweet.

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