Armed & Dangerous

{Bugaboo Daytrip – East Berlin}

Greetings from Berlin! Now I am armed and ready to conquer Berlin on a beautiful fall day. My notebook is jam packed with notes and articles. Here’s some of what I’ve got:

  • Bugaboo Daytrip – these may be aimed at families, but I can’t get enough of these daytrip maps and guides with great tidbits and secret spots (like a restaurant where former astronauts and their wives and kids can get free food and drink. ha!)
  • New York Times articles about Berlin and the great artsy areas
  • Fun comments/suggestions from Joanna’s [a NY editor] readers at Cup of Jo (she’s headed to Berlin at the end of the month). She also posted this cool Stil in Berlin link to a Berlin street style blog.
  • Suggestions which involved great public restrooms in Berlin (from a conversation about McDonalds on Design Your Life). Thanks MaryAnn!
  • The DK Real City Berlin guide. The great thing about this book series (that has a hip, design feel) is that when you buy the book, you can sign into their website for more great links and a weekly e-newsletter.

Thanks to everyone for their great suggestions! More still to come.

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