Being Cinderella

{one day I will ride the bus to Paradise…by ASD}

In a life without a car I feel like a princess with a constant chauffeur thanks to the MTA and my wonderful friends. But every now and then I get the urge to go somewhere where the bus routes don’t go or my friends have better things to do. That’s where the best invention ever comes in to play: Flex Car [Zip Car, Philly Car Share, etc.]. I pay a yearly fee of $35 that covers all gas and insurance, and for $6-11 an hour ($60/day) I have a sweet ride – currently a Honda Civic Hybrid – at my every beck and call, and this time I’m in the drivers seat. As generous as my friends are to lend me their cars with less than perfect brakes, no working taillights or an interior décor accented with empty water bottles (you know it’s true, but I still love you guys), it’s a great joy to at least have the option to have access to wheels. And living on a street where parking isn’t the easiest to come by, you have to love the reserved parking spot always waiting with your name on it for your return. The only downside? I feel like Cinderella, and pray that I don’t turn into a pumpkin if I don’t get the car returned before my reservation is set to expire.

P.S. The Baltimore Urban Forest Project site is up. Stay posted to see how you can be involved.


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