I’ll Sleep When I Die

Yiasu! As of 3am this morning I have officially been in Cyprus for 24 hours. And thus far my life here has been a scene out of My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Within the first two hours of waking up I had been fed two delicious meals (it is Christiana and her mother’s goal to feed me every possible traditional food). Driving is a terrfying experience still as they drive on the other side of the road, and I’ll glance over and it looks as if the car is driving itself or sometimes a five year old, only because I’m not used to seeing the driver on the other side too. The streets of Old Town Nicosia are beautiful with amazing old doors and windows. I then explored the narrow streets of the folk area and sat in a delightful artsy cafe (and indulged in a Keo -traditional Cypriot beer) as Christiana went to her appointment at the beautician.

For the most part the wedding consumes life. She had 1,200 invitations printed, but only gave out 800 (she carries extra with her for cases when there are people she forgot to invite – like when we went to the grocery store yesterday) – this is considered family SMALL by Cyprus standards. To what sounded like the soundtrack of My Big Fat Greek Wedding we wrapped loukoumia (traditional sweets) until midnight last night with aunts, godparents, cousins, more cousins and more cousins (she’s related to everyone who lives on her floor of their apartment building!). Everyone is amazingly nice and friendly. Most of them can understand me, but I sure don’t understand them.

Off to eat another traditional meal now, then off to the hammams (Turkish baths) all in preparation for the big event tomorrow! Pictures will have to wait until my return.

P.S. Sorry for any typos…Blogger has been in Greek and German for me all trip, so the English spell check isn’t exactly working, and everything else is clicking by memory.


  • Greek…and delicious! Don´t worry, there will be a slide show coming up called “Everything I Ate.” . . . Also, just to note, the friend I was staying with lives on the Greek side, so I´m sure that helps dictate food.

  • So is loukoumia what was wrapped up like a bar of designer soap, only to reveal an amazingly delicious mound of tasty dough, doused liberally with powdered sugar, and containing an awesome mixture of nuts and sweet stuff in the middle?

    That was an awesome snack in my easyHotel room!

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