[My] Amazing Race

The Challenge: Two weeks away, traveling using carry on only (while managing to pack – stylishly – for three climates, ideally with a little extra room for purchases, or at least an additional empty bag for carry on for the return*, and adhering to TSA regulations), multiple flights including one that arrives at 3 am and another that departs at 4am, and culminating with only 24 hours in the final destination and trying to live it up and make the most of a little time. * Checked baggage is ok for the return.

Why pray tell would anyone subject them self to something like this? First of all I tend not to do most things like the average person, but more importantly I like to think of it as training for the day that my dad and I get cast on The Amazing Race.

Seriously, though, it all started with a “big fat Greek wedding.” The first day of college I knew I’d be traveling for the wedding of my roommate one day, and that day has come! But getting to Cyprus isn’t cheap. So it was much more cost effective to travel via Berlin first. Then it’s off to Cyprus (via Budapest…thankfully no stopping there, as I’ve already checked that one off my list). And back to Berlin, only to be followed by Reykjavik. What!?! Technically I’ve already been to Iceland four times, but I’ve never really BEEN to Iceland, as I’ve never been outside the airport (although I did see a girl I went to high school with in there once). I’m a huge fan of Iceland Air for their great deals and true customer service – from actually being able to talk to a real person to their great hold music – which is where I learned that you can stop over in Iceland for up to 7 days without penalty to your airfare. May be a ploy for tourism, but worked on me!

I have a handful of posts prepared already, but bear with me and know that posting may be spotty (but keep checking back because you never know). In the meantime, you can get in the spirit of my treks with a few great flicks:

* Good Bye, Lenin!
* Run, Lola, Run
* My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Now that I have posted, I am officially prêt à voyager– ready to travel! Berlin, Cyprus and Iceland, here I come!

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