Places I Have Never Been

Right before I left for my trip I discovered Jennifer Hill’s Places I Have Never Been blog (thanks to Cool Travel Guide). I had seen her work before and loved it, but her blog is wonderful because it shares the creative process and “secrets” behind her beautiful drawings of imaginary vacations. Jennifer picks a place she dreams of going, maps it out, researches it, shares what she learns and creates beautiful patterns.

For instance, the lines in the background the shodoshima leaf pattern (above) represent tenobe somen noodles (while simultaneously adding to the design of the pattern). The fun pattern below is devoted to Dia Los Muertos in Mexico- which takes place Nov 1st & 2nd. . . (You can buy the fabulous calendars through JHill Design).

If only I were half as talented as Jennifer! I definitely can’t draw (a skill I am determined to learn), but I feel so inspired by her work, and I found myself photographing more details and patterns I encountered throughout my travels. . . The more I travel, I’m starting to realize the ridiculous number of places I have been (I feel extremely fortunate for that), so little by little I’m trying to organize my pictures I’ve taken over the years and create new collections and revisualize my experiences. But I think that if I were to design anything based on my travels, I think it would be. . . MAPS!

Love this one by Pentagram’s Paula Scher (via HOW). . . I think I have enough projects for the time being, but maybe you’ll see some maps down the line. . .


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