THE Big Fat Greek Wedding!

Whew! Organizing all my pictures was almost as exhausting as the wedding day itself, and I’ve looked at them so many times I notice odd expressions and quirky things in the images rather than the content (I feel so like Amelie!), but I’m happy to announce, the [Not My] Big Fat Greek Wedding album is ready for your viewing pleasure. It’s practically a how-to guide for anyone throwing a Greek wedding, starting with the wrapping of the loukoumia (wedding sweets- 1,000 of them!), to hair and make-up, the dressing of the bride (a whirlwind of family, friends, music and more), the Church and ceremony, wedding pictures, the reception (with 800 invitees…small by Cyprus standards), dinner (for only 150) and dancing until 3:30am! All great fun! Check out all the pictures here!

And if that’s not enough, the bride and groom got to dress up all over again two days later for a photo shoot of just the two of them in Limassol, a coastal town about an hour away. I got to tag along with their photographer. Here are some of my favorite shots I took.

I’m only about half way through my trip coverage. Still to come more on Cyprus, design in Berlin & Iceland, urban art/graffiti, cool signs . . . so stay tuned.


  • what beautiful pictures! it looks like it was a really fun wedding :) and christiana looks beautiful too of course, i love her dress! so fun, thanks for sharing the experience.

  • I heard a similar photo shoot, called “trash the dress” .. Looks like you guys had fun and the results are to die for.. Congrats.

    I just found a link to your website and I am mesmerized by it.. I have been going through the archives.. What a treasure this blog is…

    Simply beautifullllllll

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