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{Thailand via Cool Travel Guide}

In my office my boss and I constantly have the conversation about how there are those that travel and those that don’t. It’s something we both have in our blood, so it’s hard for us to fathom how anyone wouldn’t want to. So it’s fascinating for me to see Lara Dunston of Cool Travel Guide and Charles & Marie:the Quintessential Lifestyle Navigator continually ask the question “What motivates people to travel?” It’s on going conversation many of us have (here’s her reaction to my post on maps), so check out what she has to say most recently (leave a comment to join the discussion). She just finished writing a Lonely Planet guide for Syria & Lebanon and is headed off to Thailand this weekend for her next assignment. How exciting!

{Istanbul tea set by Primitive Culture}

Then there is the differentiation between travelers and tourists. In Ken Nerburn’s “Letters to My Son,” he writes, Many people don’t want to be travelers. They would rather be tourists, flitting over the surface of other people’s lives while never really leaving their own. So I think it’s the anthropologist in me that really appreciates Xander’s blog Primitive Culture. Ever since my Ethnophotography class in college, I tend to look at ever trip in terms of a photo essay that tells a story through images. Xander also uses pictures as an “amateur ethnographer” to tell his tales of life in Bangkok, LA, South Africa and beyond.

One of my favorite travel pieces still comes from college friend Jason Motlagh (who now works as a journalist in India), which he wrote for the Cavalier Daily. “Sweet and Slowed Down” is all about the embracing the “traveler” state of mind and that travel is not just limited to those that lead a “charmed” life.

So needless to say, it has been a great comfort to discover all these wonderful bloggers out there that understand what it means to travel, and do a great job encouraging others to follow their leads. My Marakesh transports you to a Moroccan paradise everyday. Franki Durbin at Life in a Venti Cup looks at travel with twist of style and design (my favorite combo). She also posted a great interview with Lara that gives an insightful look into life as a travel writer- glamorous or not, you decide. There are so many more wonderful sites I’ve discovered in the past weeks and want to share, but that brings this post full circle, don’t want to overdose on the inspiration for one day.
(Thanks for helping connect the dots, Lara).

But there is just one more thing: Budget Travel Magazine wants YOU to help with their 10th Anniversary issue. Read here to see how you can be a travel writer, pitch a story, write about a travel inspired collection, a hometown special and more. (And while you’re at it, come up with an angle for a story for me to contribute!)

P.S. New Chicago Design Guide up on D*S along with a handful of other great city guides!

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  • Just caught up on some of your wonderful posts – last few days in Thailand and I’m taking a break to catch up on some blogging while I download pics and recharge batteries. Thanks for the mention – agree with you on all above – but don’t you wish there were more travel bloggers out there? More people like us? There MUST be! I’m going to spend some time travelling the web when I’m back at my desk next week to seek them out. Wanna join me? Until next week… xxx from Bangkok.

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