{LOVE these pattern collages by Katharina Neubert for Volksfaden}

As soon as I realized Volksfaden [which translates to “people’s thread”], a beautiful online fabric store was based out of Berlin, I knew I had to contact the owner, Linda Gaylord. Linda has a very cool background as a dancer and in the theatre arts (read more here), but a few years ago re-discovered sewing and crafts, and to make things more available on “her side of the pond” she started Volksfaden. She has a blog too where I learned about Linkle, which is a sewing cafe. Wow, what a cool concept! Oh, Europe, you’re always so ahead of the times.

Felice and I have Linda to thank for a most comprehensive list of cool things to do and see in Berlin. It was great fun too meeting up with her for a coffee in the Mitte today. I hope to post many of her wonderful suggestions when I get back (and many will appear in the Flickr set I create at the end of my trip). Thanks, Linda! Good luck with everything!

Off to Cyprus tonight. . .

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  • Hi Anne,
    I enjoyed you meeting you two, too and thank you for mentioning volksfaden. Hope you had fun in Cyprus and that you enjoyed Berlin the “second time around”, checked out o.k. versand, loved it! thanks for the tip.

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