Baltimore Design*Guide

{Baltimore Design*Guide for Design*Sponge}

Much of my goal in starting this blog was to create a resource for myself and others of cool finds and favorite places (all over the world). The awesome thing about my friends is that they are so different and they encourage me to try new things. I’ve been in Baltimore for three years now and every time I think I’ve done and seen everything, something new comes along, or I discover something that’s been there forever. So it was very exciting, and an honor, to team up with Felice to create a Baltimore Design*Guide for Design*Sponge (an incredible resource for all things design). We also included a Google Map complete with pictures I’ve taken of all the crazy places around town. . . Even if you have no intentions for coming to Baltimore any time soon, it’s worth a read just so you can understand that Baltimore really isn’t like any other place on Earth.


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