Fuerzabruta! = Brute Force

One of my favorite past-times is to send my friends spontaneous postcards (thank you, Felice, for showing me the way!), and the more random the better! I love when restaurants have a free postcard rack (usually by the bathrooms) and I always stock up. Even better are free postcard in foreign countries- who cares if I can’t read what the postcard says and have no idea what it means! The one above is one I picked up in Berlin [it would be cooler if there was no English], just as something a bit bizarre. So it was super exciting to come across this link to a New York Times article all about “Fuerzabruta“to find out what this postcards really about. It’s crazy twist on a Cirque de Soleil-esque acrobatic show in the air and water that involves a bit of audience participate – it looks wildly surreal. . . Oh, and here’s the official site.

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