Howdy, Austin!

{Hey Cupcake! = delicious! on South Congress}

Nothing says Austin, like a converted old school Air Stream trailer with rotating cupcake on top! Seriously, Austin is one of the coolest cities I’ve been to, and it’s one of those little “BIG” cities that you can really get to know even just in the course of two days. The warm temperatures and bungalow style houses reminded me of LA, neon lights (on a subtler, classier level) of Vegas, the colorful facades were something out Charleston, low-lying trees, a flashback to Savannah, and on top of it all there’s this really cool vintage/retro under-current across the city. The local vibe runs strong with really fantastic restaurants and shops (note: even the airport only has *local* “chains”). I ate A-mazing food and found lots of great finds. More to come in a later post. . .

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