Iceland: Arts

The cool vibes of the street carried into the arts scene in Reykjavik at the Listasafn Art Museum. The lower level was devoted to the Icelandic Love Corporation, an Icelandic performance ensemble with “ironic charm.” Walking through the space felt like a performance itself inside a bit of a fun house. Upstairs I fell in love with the almost comically sophisticated paintings of Erro.

On the second level of the museum, a once a warehouse for fish from the harbor, provided an amazing space for a music venue for the Iceland Airwaves Music Festival to be held later that night (little did I know that I picked the best weekend of the year to visit Iceland!). Once again, this is a trend I love where different realms of art can meet like this.

Next door to the Art Museum on the 6th floor of the Library is the Reykjavik Museum of Photography. The current show, Afternoon Press Photography in Iceland: 1960-2000, was a fantastic way to get a sense of Iceland and the people. I love the idea that “Press photography is journalism using a tool other than the pen” – Gunnar V. Andresson.

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