Icelandic Dairy

A place isn’t a place without the food people eat. I can’t say I had time to discover any true Icelandic dishes (I think I’m ok avoiding whale, shark and puffin- the “adventurous dishes”) in my 24 hours, but I did discover the wonderful Icelandic yogurt, Skyr. It’s actually a fat-free (NOT sugar free) whipped whey, protein-filled yogurt, that is a bit thicker than typical American-style yogurt. The best part too is that it comes with a cute little retractable spoon in the lid. Lucky for you though, you don’t have to go all the way to Iceland to sample this treat – just stop by your local Whole Foods dairy section. . . And for all you Baltimoreans, Carma’s Cafe in Charles Village makes their own version of homemade Icelandic-style yogurt.

More grocery store-style pics from Iceland here!

On a side note, Grace at Design*Sponge posted a Kansas City design guide yesterday. I lived there for 8 years growing up (where I took my first art classes), so it’s great to see the city getting coverage in the mainstream design scene.

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  • In some countries, especially those with small numbers of animals being milked, as well as harvesting the milk from an animal, the dairy may also process the milk into butter, cheese and yogurt, for example. This is a traditional method of producing specialist milk products, especially in Europe.”‘

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