Slideluck Potshow

Every year in elementary school (in Kansas) I would look forward to the day that Randy Nadler came to visit. We’d all pile into the gym for a special cultural presentation (aka awesome slide show) about somewhere in the world he had traveled. The fact that I can still remember his name to this day definitely shows that his love of culture and travel rubbed off on me.

While sites like Flickr are an incredible tool (and I love how friends and strangers alike can leave comments about your pictures), I must admit, I also miss the days of the good ‘ole fashioned slide-show. While I have yet to experience it myself, I love the idea behind Slideluck Potshow, a non-profit where everyone who comes is encouraged to participate, bringing food, drink, and up to 5 minutes of their slides to share. Their events happen all over the world, and they’re always looking for new venues and “artists” to show their work (themes vary too). It’s a brilliant idea if I do say so myself!


  • Oh, I love the sound of the slide night too!! Count me in!! The thing about slide nights in ‘the old days’ was that not everybody wanted to be there, not everyone enjoyed looking at people’s holiday slides (or old super 8 films!!! Eeek, that was a long time ago) but I love the beauty of the internet and how we can create these communities of like-minded souls who *do* want to look at and read our blogs… and, in turn, who would want to watch our slides! The barn sounds fab!

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