The Final Four: Texas

I’ve been back for less than three weeks, so it’s hard to believe that I’m getting ready to hop on another airplane this Friday. I’m off to Austin, Texas, which is super exciting for many reasons. 1) I’ve never been to Texas. 2) After I go to Texas, there are only 3 states I have not been to. 3) I get to hang out with my awesome friend Caitlin who is getting her Master’s in Art History down there. 4) Two of my other friends also happen to be in Austin that weekend. 5) It’s Stitch Austin – a really cool fashion show/guerrilla craft festival that I’m super psyched about.

She must have known I was going because last week Grace (with the help of illustrator Alyson Fox) posted a Design*Sponge City Guide: Austin. Between this guide and my awesome tour guide Caitlin, I can’t wait to hit the town! If you have any other suggestions of your favorite places, please post them below and I’ll do my best to try to do it all!!!

Iceland pictures are almost all set to post [tomorrow]. Just trying to spare you all from flickr set burn out. . . Thanks for everyone who has taken the time to look at my pictures. It means a lot to me! You’re awesome!!!!


  • Catherine’s favs:

    Las manitas, best hangover food

    Trudy’s for mexican/margaritas dinner

    Ranch 616 for fancy yummy dinner

    Ladybird wild flower center – not sure if you’re the right season…

    Austin java

    East side cafe – try the salsa

    Kerby lane

  • oh I LOVE Texas. I must hear how you enjoyed your trip! I hope you enjoyed the very fun culture of Austin. It’s more than just a little bit fun. Hopefully your taste buds enjoyed themselves as well. I liked in San Antonio for a while and could not get enough of the cuisine and the fun boldness of my fellow Texans.

    Details, darling, DETAILS!

  • ^wow, franki! i think you may the only person in the history of the world who’s ever said they “love texas.” of course, except for those of us who were born and raised.

    i’m driving to Austin later on today to attend stitch, so i’m looking forward to seeing other bloggers flying in from other places. i’m really excited and can’t wait to be an observer rather than a participant this year.

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