The Many Sides of Austin,Yee-Haw!

Austin is more than meets the eye. It’s got the Texan flair of cowboy boots (try these on for style at Allen’s Boots…only about $300/pair!), Tex-Mex flavors and a passion for burnt-orange [UT], but so much more. In about 48 hours, I feel like I saw a ton and really got a sense of this wonderful place. Never made it to the shooting range for the full Texan experience, so now I have a brilliant excuse to go back!

My first night in Austin our first stop was Guero’s for some great tex-mex. My favorite part? The “corral” next door with picnic tables, trees covered in white lights, a live band, a bar and free chips and salsa! It was definitely a norm to wait for AT LEAST an hour for our food many of the places we went. Just goes to show it’s good stuff (so it was nice that we could be entertained while waiting).

Kerbey Lane for brunch was another hit for brunch! I don’t know if it’s awesome or dangerous that this place is open 24 hours. Sweet! But it was the East Side Cafe [right] that really struck a home run with me with their very own garden on premises (and because everyday I’m feeling like I live in a “small world” bubble, it turns out that the aunt of my former roommate, Lauren H, runs the place!). The food was seriously out of this world, and worth the wait!

While coffee on the East Coast is a force to be reckoned with, coffee shops on the “Third Coast” are far more about hanging out and catching up with friends (a very southern pace of life). Clementine [top] and Jo’s Coffee [bottom] are just two of the many, with great personality, good java, and funky chairs!

The funk & junk stores that really got me excited about Austin. Room Service had fabulous vintage furniture with shopper friendly prices [top center, top right and bottom left, with my awesome 50s happy homemaker dress from Feather’s vintage clothing], Uncommon Objects lets your imagination run wild [bottom right] and Toy Joy is a kid of all ages paradise [top left]. Clearly overflowing shelves and trying to cram as much as possible into one small space is a trend here!

On Sunday we spent the day walking along the river that runs through town. I do say that these dogs had more fun than us (see the one mid air!). A really amazing “getaway” in the city experience.

Other Favs (not pictured): Parts & Labour, an idie crafter’s paradise; WISH for $3.50 stylin’ earrings and clothes that won’t break your budget; Tesoro’s Trading Company is probably the store designed for me if there ever was one- full of awesome treasures from around the world; the public bus (only $1 for a day pass, for friendly, clean, reliable service); beef brisket (I had a religious awakening with this new taste- from Rudy’s [best ever] and Ruby’s BBQ with cute indoor-outdoor seating); Boticelli’s Beer Garden- the back patio with live music featuring digital projections.

Besides the D*S Austin Guide, the Sept/Oct issue of Blueprint also has some great Austin suggestions. . . However, a note must be made that I think it’s hard to go wrong in this city! . . . And of course I couldn’t have done it without my lovely tour guide, Caitlin!

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