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{Droog from Amsterdam set}

Droog was one of the coolest shops I visited in Amsterdam. It’s a store/ exhibition/ concept space in one, featuring the best in Dutch design. The sheer simplicity of Dutch design makes it brilliant. For instance there was a giant bench the was a big log, simply with two elegant chair backs drilled in it for seating, and one day I’m determined to own this really cool photogram tablecloth. . . Frozen Fountain is another one of these fabulous style stores in Amsterdam, which I’ll have to check out on my next visit.

Anyway, after having visited Droog, it was fun walking into the Contemporary Museum in Baltimore yesterday for their winter “Design Shop,” which felt like I was stepping inside the Netherlands for the time being. The sale/show ends tomorrow, but features some pieces by Droog designers as well as many other fun design-forward products.

P.S. Don’t forget about Seeing Beyond Sight tomorrow at AVAM. Workshops at 11, 1, and “Salon” party at 5:30.


  • Droog and Frozen Fountain are two of my favourite Amsterdam shops also. Make sure you use my “Best of Amsterdam” (Lonely Planet) next time you go, or the ‘Thumbnail Guide to Amsterdam’ that I wrote more recently. If you like those two shops, you might like my other choices… I’d be interested to get your feedback.

  • I definitely will, Lara! Also great resources are Amsterdam Guides by Danielle ( . . . found on the right column of her blog) and Irene’s ( “Amsterdam On My Mind weekend read.”

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