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One of my favorite souvenirs I picked up in Berlin was this Colors of Berlin “swatch book.” I love how it simply takes images from around the city, and pulls out the two major colors. On the back there is a map marking the location, and a little history (in German and English) about the place. Berlin definitely has a different color palette than, say, Thailand…

Equally as fabulous are the ‘Colors of Bangkok’ features that Xander at Primitive Culture puts together with his fantastic photographs. There’s a really great pink set, as well as gold (above). I’m sure there are many more colors to come too!

Finally, there’s Kris’s Color Stripes blog out of Italy, where the author photographs anything from landscapes to objects and then separates out the color palette. It’s a fascinating way to look at the world around us. {via Bloesem}


  • Wow, that Colors of Berlin guide is such an interesting idea! I love seeing travel guides that promote different ways of seeing places.

    And thanks for the mention! In honor of being referenced on your blog, I’ve published the third installment of Bangkok Colors, blue-green. -X

  • Like yourself and Xander, I love this little swatch book and equally unique destination ‘guides’ and souvenirs – they certainly put the fun back into travel and take-homes.

    And I also love Zander’s Bangkok Colours – wild!

  • Whoa- both the blogs and the book are essentially exactly the class that I’m going to be teaching in India; Color Sourcing from Nature and Heritage! (Can you think of a better country to be teaching that class in??). This will be such an awesome resource for my students.

    We’re probably going to be hosting a program here in Baltimore doing the the same exercises with Baltimore-based artists as we will do with our Indian students and then exhibit the results. Anyone interested in participating? -Sarah

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