Land of the Ice

{images via Blue Lagoon}

One of the things I didn’t get to do when I was in Iceland was indulge in Blue Lagoon, a geothermal spring that looks like something out of heaven (but probably smells like rotten eggs – like the shower in my hotel – despite all did wonders for my hair and skin). Had I stayed an extra night (beyond my whopping 24 hour visit), I would have hit up the Iceland Airwaves music festival “Hangover Party” with all night cocktails and live DJ while hitting up the pools. Fabulous.

Not only is Iceland Airwaves the best party of the year, but it’s also sponsored by my favorite airline, Iceland Air (for their friendly service, great deals and the fact that you can stay over in Iceland for up to 7 days without penalty). So I was CRUSHED this week when I heard the news that Iceland Air (that took me on to Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin last year) will no longer be flying out of BWI [Baltimore Washington International], my airport of choice. I guess it really was my best kept secret. Instead they’ll be adding flights out of New York and Boston – so those of you there must take advantage of their great deals and the opportunity to visit Iceland.

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