This year “Listography” was my favorite gift to give for the holidays. It’s a super cool book (by Lisa Nola and illustrated by Nat Russell) where you write your autobiography through a series of lists (I’m always a fan of interactive gifts). Unfortunately the book was so popular it’s impossible to find, and so my Christmas gifts will actually be more like Valentine’s gifts. Reflecting on my complete disorganization when it came to the holidays this year got me thinking about 2008 and my “Year of . . . ” theme.

While I could call 2008 the “Year of Organization,” that sounds pretty boring and lame (and like something I really wouldn’t work at . . . especially if I failed at the “Year of the Doodle”). So, I’ve decided that 2008 will be the “Year of Lists.” And there are no rules. Lists can be “to do” lists, grocery lists, places I want to go/travel lists, things I like/hate lists, goals, anything. Perhaps I will post my first list tomorrow…

Have a great rest of 2007!


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